Three reasons to invest in apartments in Madrid

apartments in Madrid

Madrid ranks second among the top five cities in which to invest in Europe, according to a report by the CBRE. If we compare the price of real estate in Madrid to other European capitals such as Paris, London or Amsterdam, apartments in Madrid are, on average, 52% cheaper. Furthermore, strong demand has turned the Madrid market into one of the most attractive for investors.

If this data does not assuage your fears, and you still consider buying apartments in Madrid a risky bet, here are three reasons why Madrid is an excellent place to buy apartments, even given the recent price appreciation.

Investing in apartments in Madrid is highly profitable

apartments in Madrid
Madrid continues attracting people from all over the world due to its attractive international profile. This keeps demand for Madrid apartments strong.

Much has been said of the rise in Madrid real estate prices over the past two years. Without doubt, during the second quarter of 2018 the demand for apartments in Madrid was three times that on offer. This is due to the favorable opinion investors have about the future profitability of investing in Madrid real estate.

Madrid is the number one getaway in Europe, resulting in large numbers of tourists per night. This, combined with its robust cultural offering, recreation opportunities and excellent food, make the Center an excellent place for Airbnb investment. Since the capital is reinventing itself, there is large potential for the real estate market to achieve higher valuations in time, resulting in great profitability potential for investment properties. Additionally, properties inside the M30 have great potential for long-term rentals.

Apartments for all tastes

It is not a secret for anyone that loves Madrid that the city seamlessly combines the traditional with the modern. There is such a large variety of architectural styles, layouts and interiors that every investor can find something to suit their tastes and investment criteria.

Therefore, renovating common apartments in Madrid and turning them into unforgettable rentals is one of the key ways to make the most of your investment in the Spanish capital.

apartments in Madrid


A must stop

Investing in Madrid continues to be safe and secure because it is an obligatory stop for tourists. Plus, the city continues to attract a large amount of business travel because there are so many domestic and international businesses in the city. This flow of travelers is constant and sustainable, so investing in a Madrid apartment is an opportunity you should not waste, whether you plan on renting it on the short, medium or long term market.

Even with the recent increase in prices, investing in apartments in Madrid is still one of the best investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

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