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Every other real estate agency can only show you their own MADRID REAL ESTATE listings.

As a buyer's agency, we can show you everything.

There is no MLS in Madrid, no Zillow, or any comprehensive database or website with all Madrid real estate listings. When you walk into any real estate office in Madrid they can only show you their own listings.  Further, up to 20% of all Madrid apartment sales are for sale by owner, and there are nearly 2,000 agencies representing the thousands of properties on the market, but with no networking between them.

We help make buying an apartment in Madrid easy…

Only with the most thorough search online and on the ground can you be assured that you are buying the best property available, at the best price, and optimizing your time seeing only apartments that meet your criteria in Madrid.  We also take care of your needs from start to finish, connecting you with all the resources you need along the way and making sure that all due diligence is  thorough and complete. No other agency offers this comprehensive, end to end service.   You could search months or years and not achieve the same result on your own.


We market your property to international buyers as well as local ones, boosting the number of offers and maximizing sale price.

With no multiple listing service (MLS) in Madrid and an “every agent for himself” mentality, it can be challenging to find an agent you can count on to work hard and represent your interests. For this reason many owners choose to list with several agents in the hopes that their property will get better exposure. But what they end up with is a race to sell the property quickly, often at a lower than optimal price, as each agent’s primary interest becomes their own fee on the sale.

Our clients appreciate our fresh, client-based approach.

We provide you with an honest valuation and propose an ambitious sales strategy that is tailored to meet your time-frame. We advertise your property extensively in  international and national portals to attract buyers worldwide. From the start we offer a commission share on our Madrid real estate listings to any other agency, thus casting the widest net possible, boosting the number of offers and maximizing the sale price. We negotiate vigorously and meticulously manage the entire process from showings through to close, to ensure the best conditions for you on a smooth and successful sale.